from the soul

200hr trauma informed

yoga teacher training 

"It took 3.8 billion years of triumphant evolution, remarkable collision, an unbelievable confluence made by sheer will and influence of this infinite universe and all of the stars to get you here. 

I hope you never doubt again that even when you are in pain, that you are a miracle, that every part of you is incredible. "

- Nikita Gill

This will be a journey of self-discovery, growth and transformation like no other.

This experience is going to be so much more than a yoga teacher training. This is going to be a transformative, life altering, heart bursting healing journey and I cant wait for you dive in!

​We will create a sacred space together where you are safe to show up each day exactly as you need to be. There will be absolutely no judgment, only love in the space and among the group. We will cry and laugh and than cry some more. And i invite you to feel into all of the feelings, ever single one of them, the comfortable and the uncomfortable, the lightness and the darkness because there is beauty inside all of it, there are teachings inside all of it.

​Immerse yourself with knowledge and practical experience through the teachings of Yoga. Discover the transformative power of this ancient healing practice through a trauma informed lens. Expand on your current abilities and personal practice and watch yourself evolve.

​My hope for you is that you leave this experience more in love with the extraordinary person that you are and feel empowered to stand proud in your truth. I hope you feel more confident to empower individuals to connect with their true essence through an embodied therapeutic and trauma sensitive approach to emotional and physical health and healing.

I invite you to embark upon this powerful journey with us as we explore the mysteries of our own heart and peel away the layers and awaken to our soul’s purpose.

​I am so deeply honoured to walk this path with so many amazing humans and I cant wait to start this journey together.

​With all of my love and gratitude,


"Compare your journey to no one else.

You are countries and stories already. 

You are a million different words, a million different ways.

You are forests and forest fires alike.

A ship and the sea together.

The only person you must compare yourself with is yourself. 

Your journey is your most powerful story"

- Nikita Gill


Dates and Times:


10am - 5pm daily




Graduation Celebration: May 22nd (Time and location to be announced)

Sample Day:

10:00-11:00am Morning asana and meditation practice (specific focus) and discussion

11:00am- 1:00pm Workshop Series

1:00-1:30pm Lunch and Q&A

1:30-4:00pm Workshop Series

4:00-5:00pm Evening asana and meditation practice (specific focus)

**communal pot luck style lunches with a main dish provided every day**

Course Outline

Techniques, training and practice

Pranayama: The art of breathing

Hatha yoga

Yin yoga meridians and Chinese medicine

Restorative and therapeutic yoga 

Trauma informed touch/adjustment training

Sequencing and class planning

The art of using props

Introduction to meditation


Teaching Methodology 

Yoga ethics

Qualities of a yoga teacher

Business of yoga

Understanding trauma and the body as a whole

Trauma sensitive yoga

Creating and holding trauma informed space

Practice teaching


Anatomy and physiology

Understanding the human body through anatomy and physiology and Chinese medicine

Applying anatomy and physiology principles to yoga

Understanding the energy body

Trauma and the nervous system


Yoga philosophy and lifestyle

Yoga history: understanding the depths of yoga

The study of yoga philosophies: Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and Tantra

Hatha yoga

Modern yoga and trauma informed teachings

Mudras, mantras and chanting/kirtan

Ahimsa, dharma and karma

Holistic Nutrition


Energetic protection


Practicum 45 hours

*practicum hours are done outside of the scheduled training weekends*

Personal practice

Observation and reflection

Assisting and Co-teaching


Meet the Team

Lead Instructor: Samantha Wilkie

3-5 guest teachers will be joining the training

Lead Instructor 
Lead Instructor
Guest Instructor 


Tuition: $3,299 +GST
Training Manual
Access to unlimited yoga classes at wilkie wellness during the duration of the training
Graduation ceremony and celebration ( after the training hours are complete)
200-hour yoga teacher certificate
Private one on one coaching session with Samantha Wilkie
*Non refundable deposit of $500 is due upon registration*
*Payment plans are available*

* space is limited*
** If you are interested in doing your yoga teacher training privately please be in touch as I do offer 1 on 1 teacher trainings.**



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" I don't teach yoga, I welcome people back to their bodies"

- Anonymous

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